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Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
ISBN-10: 1616550414
ISBN-13: 978-1616550417
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Publisher: Shogakukan
ISBN-10: 409227159X
ISBN-13: 978-4092271593
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English Editions

Our petition was a success! Nintendo has heard the fans’ cries for a translated version, so localizations will be available in the US, Australia, the UK, and other parts of Europe. Localized copies started being released in the first quarter of 2013, and more will be released as the year goes by. Be sure to purchase Hyrule Historia now that you can!

Keep in mind that, often with western translations of Zelda media, original concepts are lost in translation, and there may be slight differences in the more detailed aspects of the book, especially the Zelda Timeline section. Typically, the original Japanese information is considered to be canonical. You can use of one the buttons below to order an English copy, translated by DarkHorse.

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Original/Canonical Japanese Editions

If you wish to order the original Japanese edition from Japan’s Amazon website, you don’t necessarily need to know Japanese. All you have to do is keep an eye out for the orange shopping cart button on the right hand side. If you see it, then it’s in stock! You may want to double-check yen to (your currency here) calculations, and don’t forget that the shipping will be a little on the pricey side since it’s being imported.

Play-Asia may or may not have this item in stock. They tend to be slow in restocking certain items, Hyrule Historia included. But, keep checking!

If you can’t find it elsewhere, consider looking for it in an import shop like Kinokuniya. This is where we got our copy! Your best bet is to call them and have them personally check, because they really go out of their way for their customers!

Additionally, you can purchase used copies, but keep in mind that they probably aren’t really used. People tend to buy these items and then resell them at higher prices to make a profit. Not only does supporting them hinder the sales of Nintendo, but it may also result in prices much higher than they need to be.
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As a last resort, you can find it on eBay for upwards of $100USD. Some are as high as $300+, as if $100 isn’t ridiculous as it is. Remember, buying these used items means you aren’t showing your support for this franchise, so we discourage purchasing it used. The more people do, the harder it will become for the rest of the Zelda community to enjoy this long-awaited treasure.