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  • Link and Tetra discovered a new continent with a large tower and tracks.
  • Tetra established New Hyrule on this contintent.
  • The tracks became major traffic networks.
  • Knights of the new kingdom were to be garbed in green like the Hero of Winds.
  • 100 years after Hyrule was established, the tracks began to disappear.
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    Left Column:

    The Era of the Great Voyage – – – – –

    The Discovery of a Continent and the Reestablishment of Hyrule Kingdom
    On the continued voyage of the pirate Tetra, a new continent was found. There, a tall tower called the Tower of Spirits stood and it stood in the middle of the laid out railroad tracks of the gods.

    Tetra established a new Hyrule Kingdom on this land. There, a new history would be written.

    A hundred years later Spirit Tracks

    The Development of Hyrule Kingdom
    The trains that ran along the tracks of the gods developed into the national traffic network. In the castle, Tetra was featured in stained glass and it was established that the soldiers would wear a green uniform like the Hero of Winds wore.

    Era of Hyrule’s Rebirth Spirit Tracks

    The Disappearing Tracks
    One hundred years passed since the establishment of Hyrule. Suddenly, railroad tracks started to disappear in all regions of the land.

    The Princess Zelda of this era gave an engineer named Link a uniform of the knights and they left the castle to go investigate the Tower of Spirits.

    Right Column:

    The Tower of Spirits
    Used to seal away the Demon King in the distant past. Tracks used to maintain the seal are covering the ground, connecting the tower with the temple of each region. The tower and the four temples each contain a Lokomo sage sent from the heavens.

    Princess Zelda
    This Zelda is the fifth descendant of Tetra

    The Engineer of Aboda Village, he is the descendant of Gonzo, a member of Tetra’s pirate crew. He used to serve as a royal swordsman, and his skills were next to legendary. However, he is gravely injured in his fight against Byrne.


    Storyteller Niko’s Picture Show
    Niko arrived in the new world as part of Tetra’s pirate crew a hundred years ago, but he’s still alive and well. He lives with a young boy named Link who looks almost identical to the Hero of Winds, and is known as “Old Man Niko”.

    The adventures of the Hero of Winds have turned into myths retold in old man Niko’s picture show.

    [ Source: ZeldaInformer/ShiKage ]