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  • When no hero arose, King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule left the fate of Hyrule to the goddesses.
  • The goddesses instructed the chosen people to flee to the mountains.
  • The king crafted the Pirate’s Charm from gossip stones and entrusted it to Zelda.
  • The king instructed Zelda to split the Triforce of Wisdom and flee with her servants.
  • The characters of the old Hylian language survived and were used in a new era centuries later.
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    Left Column:

    Era without a Hero The Wind Waker

    The Return of the Demon King in the Era without a Hero

    One day…


    Ganondorf, who had once been sealed away, returned from the depths of the earth and covered Hyrule in darkness once again. The people hoped that the legendary hero would show up to save them a second time, but… the hero did not appear.

    With no hope of salvation left, King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule decided to entrust the fate of Hyrule to the Goddesses.

    The Divine Judgement and the Sealing of Hyrule
    The Goddesses instructed the chosen people to flee to the mountaintops before drowning both Hyrule and Ganondorf in a massive flood and sealing it at the bottom of the ocean.

    The King was to be sealed along with Hyrule, and he instructed the princess to split the Triforce of Wisdom into two and flee to the sea with a few of her servants.

    Right Column:

    The Royal Amulet
    The King of Hyrule created this royal amulet from the ancient Gossip Stones of Hyrule and entrusted it to the princess. Later known as the “Pirate’s Charm”, the royal family can talk through this amulet and it was handed down throughout their lineage as an important heirloom.


    The Hyrulian Typography of this Era
    Used in the era when the Hylians reigned, it originally belonged to the old Hylian language. The characters themselves survived and are used in the new era hundreds of years later. As shown to the right, it can be decoded by transliterating it into Japanese.

    [ Source: ZeldaInformer/SnowBrigadier ]