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  • Hundreds of years passed and the Gerudo Tribe and Hyrule Kingdom’s relationship was restored.
  • A new Ganondorf was born.
  • Ganondorf broke the rules and invaded the pyramid to obtain the trident.
  • The Pyramid could be the unreachable pyramid seen in the Desert Colossus in Ocarina of Time.
  • Shadow Link was created by Ganon with the Dark Mirror.
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    Shadow Era Four Swords Adventures

    The Gerudo Thief Ganondorf’s Reincarnation
    Hundreds of years passed since Ganondorf’s defeat. The relationship between the Gerudo tribe, Hyrule Kingdom was restored and peace returned.

    However, a new Ganondorf was born. Ganondorf defied the laws of the Gerudo village and invaded the ancient pyramid and took the wicked weapon called the “Trident.” Then, to bring darkness over Hyrule, he stole the Mirror of Darkness from the temple in the forest.

    The Scheme to Obtain the Power of Darkness

    In order to cover Hyrule in darkness, Ganondorf stole power from the people. First, he set his eyes on reviving the sealed Wind Sorcerer Vaati of the Force Era. Then, he created a Shadow Link with the power of the Mirror of Darkness and threw Hyrule into chaos.

    The Revival of the Wind Sorcerer Vaati
    In Hyrule, which was clouded by darkness, the Princess Zelda of this era felt uneasy, so she brought the six maidens and Link to the sanctuary to make sure the sale on Vaati wasn’t weakening. However, the moment they opened the gate to the sanctuary, Shadow Link appeared and sent the maidens somewhere in Hyrule with the power of darkness.

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    The Pyramid
    A demonic tool created from darkness sleeps within this pyramid from which no one returns alive. It is located beside a stone monument with an inscription that reads “claim this if your soul cries out for destruction and conquest”.

    The Mirror of Darkness
    This mirror reflects the evil heart of its user, birthing demons. Imprisoning the creatures of darkness that once attacked Hyrule, it was hidden within a temple to deprive it of any connection with the Dark World.

    Its relation to the magical mirrors that exist in other branches of the timeline, such as the Mirror of Twilight that connects to the Twilight Realm, is unclear.

    Wind Sorcerer Vaati
    The Princess Zelda and Link of that era used the Four Sword to seal Vaati in the Four Sword Shrine, which couldn’t be seen by grown-ups. Even after the sealing, the Four Sword Shrine continued to be watched over by the young Princess Zelda and the maidens.

    Shadow Link
    Created from the Mirror of Darkness, this demon is a spitting image of Link and wields a dark power. The thoughts and resentment of Ganondorf, previously defeated, traversed time and space and were born anew in the form of Link. What appeared in the Four Sword Shrine was a trap sent by Ganondorf in order to break the seal.

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