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  • Ordona, Faron, Eldin and Lanayru were involved in sealing the Twili ancestors away in the past.
  • The Shadow Veil turns ordinary people into spirits.
  • The Twilight Realm’s beauty turned the Twili’s ancestors into calm beings, though there were still a few who felt that the Light World was theirs.
  • Members outside of the Twili Royal Family can recognized as a royal heir.
  • Zant lost the election due to his greedy nature.
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    Twilight Era Twilight Princess

    Ganondorf’s Dark Powers
    Ganondorf’s malice had been sent to the shadowy Twilight Realm, and it was there that he encountered the ambitious and frustrated Zant. Ganondorf infused Zant with limitless powers to help him fulfil his selfish ambitions, and he had but one request of him: to merge light and shadow and create a world of darkness.

    Zant slowly built up his powers until he could cover the Twilight Realm in darkness and turn his tribesmen into mindless monsters.

    The Twili princess Midna was turned into a hideous imp and had to escape to the Light World.

    Shadow King Zant’s Invasion of the Light World
    The Light World had experienced peace for hundreds of years when the Twili army invaded. Shadow King Zant had no trouble defeating the forces of Hyrule, and Princess Zelda soon found herself with her back against the wall. When given the option to fight until death or surrender, she chose the latter.

    Zant continued to send his soldiers all over the land, and the Light Spirits protecting each region were soon all engulfed by the twilight. The shroud transformed the world into a shadowy wasteland and filled the hearts of its populace with terror.

    Right Column:

    The princess of the Twilight Realm. Zant’s curse deprived her of her magic powers and transformed her into an imp. It also made her unable to exist in the Light World as anything more than a shadow.

    The Shadow Veil
    Referred to as the Twilight, ordinary people unknowingly turn into spirits in these regions

    The Light Spirits
    The spirits Ordona, Faron, Eldin and Lanayru were responsible for sealing the Twili ancestors in the past. They now act as guardian deities for their respective regions.


    The Twili and the Twilight Realm
    The Twilight Realm is a calm, beautiful world covered in perpetual twilight. The people banished to this realm in ancient times were covered in all its brilliance and turned into calm, pure hearted beings, and their ancient evil magic was sealed away. Their leader is granted particularly strong powers, and it’s possible for someone outside of the royal family to be recognized as a royal heir.

    While most of the Twili turned into gentle beings over time, there were still some who felt that the Light World belonged to them. Zant was hoping to become king of the Twili, but was rejected in favour of Midna due to harbouring such greedy ambitions.

    [ Source: ZeldaInformer/SnowBrigadier ]