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  • Ganon and his army invaded Hyrule. Zelda divided the Triforce of Wisdom into 8 pieces and hid them throughout Hyrule. Then, she ordered Impa to secretly seek a hero.
  • Ganon was angered by her actions and captured her, then sent his minions after Impa.
  • Link found and saved Impa at the last minute and decided to save Hyrule once she told him her plight.
  • Ganon was sealed countless times in the past and is thought to be resurrected after many years.
  • At this point, he had lost all humanity and opposed Link purely as a malicious beast devoid of intelligence.
  • Impa’s duty is to pass down history and folklore. She is descended from other Sheikahs that served the Royal Family.
  • This Link is thought to be the descendent of ALttP/OoX/LA Link.
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    Era of Decline The Legend of Zelda

    The Evil Creeps In
    There came a day when the Demon Army, lead by the Great Demon King, Ganon, invaded Hyrule Kingdom and stole the Triforce of Power.

    The Princess Zelda of this era divided the remaining Triforce of Wisdom into 8 pieces and hid them all around the kingdom. She secretly ordered her nurse, Impa, to seek a courageous hero who would defeat Ganon for them. Ganon, angered by Princess Zelda’s actions, captured her and sent followers after Impa.

    The Chance Meeting of the Nurse, Impa and the Boy, Link
    Impa continued her desperate flight, but was at last surrounded by Ganondorf’s underlings. Then, the boy, Link, appeared, and cleverly confused Ganon’s underlings in order to save her. Impa related to Link what was going on, and Link decided to defeat Ganon and save Princess Zelda.

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    The Great Demon King, Ganon
    The Great Demon King was sealed countless times by heroes in the past. He is thought to have been resurrected after many years. Leading the Demon Army, he invaded the small kingdom of Hyrule, seeking the Triforce. No longer bearing any trace of the man known as the great thief, Ganondorf, he opposed Link in the form of a demonic beast, devoid of any particular intelligence.

    Princess Zelda’s nurse, she is descended from a long line that has served the royal family of Hyrule for generations. Her role is to care for various articles concerning the royal family, as well as pass down the family’s history and folklore. Her line cherishes the heirlooms of great kings as well as passes down the tragedy of the Princess Zelda I.

    A young traveller. Upon visiting Hyrule, he encounters Impa. It is thought that he may be the descendent of the Link that trained to defeat Ganon during the era of Light and Shadow.


    The People of the Small Kingdom of Hyrule
    Surrounded by harsh but abundant nature, the people have taken up residence and live out their daily lives in caves and under the earth. They sell a variety of goods. There are also fairies living in springs, which act as places of healing for travellers.

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