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  • Ganondorf had been closely observing Link throughout the course of the game. He kidnapped Zelda to lure Link to his castle.
  • Koume and Kotake are also seen as Gerudo leaders.
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    Left Column:

    Era of the Hero of Time (Adult Era) Ocarina of Time

    The Decisive Battle With Ganondorf
    However, Ganondorf, who had held Link under observation, kidnapped Princess Zelda and took her to the castle, and, in an effort to obtain the Triforce, lured Link to him.

    Once the Triforce of Power, possessed by Ganondorf, the Triforce of Wisdom that dwelt in Princess Zelda, and the Triforce of Courage that dwelt in Link became one, they would resonate together. Finally, the time had come to battle with Ganondorf.

    (This is where, if the Hero of Time, Link, is defeated, another timeline will unfold. Please turn to page 92.)

    Transforming Into the Demon King, Ganon
    Link is victorious in his one-on-one battle with Ganondorf. However, Ganondorf uses the last of his power to transform into the shape of an evil, demonic beast. The Demon King, Ganon, corners Link and Princess Zelda.

    Right Column:

    Ganon’s Castle
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    The Demon King, Ganon
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    The Gerudo Tribe: People of the Desert
    The [too blurry, can’t read] group who live in the Gerudo Desert. The tribe, birthing only girls, is occasionally seen boy-hunting in Hyrule. It is customary for a man, born only once every 100 years, to become their king.

    Ganondorf was raised by the twin witches, Twinrova (Kotake and Koume). Twinrova reveres Ganondorf as their king, but, at 400 years old, these two can also be considered the covert leaders of the Gerudo.

    Image Captions:

    Link VS Ganondorf
    Ganondorf’s Stronghold
    Koume and Kotake
    Gerudo Alphabet
    [ Source: Knights of Hyrule ]

    [ Source: GlitterBerri ]