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Hyrule Historia Page 118

  • The sword Ganon uses is the sage’s sword.
  • The events of TP made the existence of both worlds known to many. Repercussions are to follow in the future.
  • The Master Sword is returned and Link stays in Ordon Village.
  • The Hero’s Shade is not the Hero of Time, but the manifestation of his regret according to the JP version
  • Link is addressed as the Hero’s Shade’s “spiritual” son/descendent in the JP version.
  • DH contradicts JP vers., says the Hero’s Shade is OoT!Link’s actual spirit.

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Twilight Era Twilight Princess

Princess Zelda’s Revival & Ganon’s Suppression
Wielding the sages’ sword used in his own execution, Ganon commences the final battle. However, he is defeated by Link.

Ganondorf, the king of darkness, is defeated, and the crest of the Triforce of Power disappears from the back of his hand. For the time being, the destiny that was intertwined with the Triforce-seeking demonic thief, Ganondorf, has come to a close.

However, the invasion of Twilight that instilled much hatred has brought the existence of Hyrule and the dual-nature of its counterpart world into sharp relief, and the repercussions will be felt in future eras.

Midna Returns to Her True Form & The World of Twilight
Her curse lifted, Midna turns back into the bewitching princess she is. When she returns to the Twilight World, she breaks the Twilight Mirror, ensuring that the Twilight World and the World of Light will never again meet. With her parting words, she asks that the fact that there is another world within the shadows of the World of Light not be forgotten…

Link returns the Master Sword to the forest and heads home to Ordon Village. The world is again blessed by the gods and enveloped in light.

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The Triforce of Power
The power that dwells within Ganondorf. Finally exhausted, the crest disappears.

Midna’s True Form
Cursed by the power of the shadow, the spell on Midna is lifted through the defeat of Ganondorf.


リンクが初めてトワイライトに足を踏み入れた際、手の甲に勇気のトライフォースの紋章が輝いて 獣の姿になり 、人間に戻った際には勇者が着ていたという縁衣をまとっていた。リンクは、先祖である時の勇者 の亡霊から奥 義を教わる。彼は子ども時代に戻って以降、勇者として名残せかったことを無念に感じていた。そ れゆえリンク に「息子よ」と語りかけ、勇気の証と奥義継いだのだ。

SBLink, the Hero of Time’s Descendent
The first time Link sets foot in the Twilight, the crest of the Triforce of Courage on the back of his hand shines and he takes on a beastly form. When he returns to human form, he is garbed in the clothes said to be worn by the hero. The ghost of his ancestor, the Hero of Time, teaches him secrets. Ever since returning to the child era, the Hero of Time had felt regret that he could not be remembered as a hero. Therefore, he addresses Link as his son and passes down the proof of courage and his secrets.

COLink, the descendant of the Hero of Time
When Link first set foot in the Twilight, the crest of the Triforce of Courage shined on the back of his hand; when he returned to human-form he wore clothes the hero wore. Link is taught mysteries from the ghost of the hero of time. Since he returned to his childhood, he’d felt regret that he would leave his name as hero. Therefore, the “son” of Link speaks proof of the courage, and the mystery he inheirited.

It starts out with "sore yu e rinku ni "musuko yo" to katarikake..." Which means "So it (sore yu) to (e) Link's "Son" (rinku ni "musuko yo") with (to) talked (katarikake)...." The rest says "yūki no akashi to ōgi tsuida noda" meaning "Proof of courage (yūki no akashi) and (to) the secrets (ōgi) were succeeded by (tsuida) him (noda)."

"It" (referring to the ghost) spoke to the "son" (the descendant, or, the spiritual successor ["son"]) of Link, who inherited the secrets (referring to the hidden moves) and the proof of courage (I can't tell if this means the ToC or actual proof of Link's courage)."

It could also be translated as "Link's "son" spoke with it and inherited the secrets and the proof (or testimony) of courage."

EDIT: I just have to say that I find it funny... The Hero's shade isn't Link. It's what remained in Hyrule when Link died: his regret. That's why the sentence specifies "It" and "Link" as two different entities.
[ Source: Captain Obvious (Ricecake) @ ZeldaUniverse ], [ 2 ]

DHLink, The Descendent of the Hero of Time
When Link steps into the Twilight, the crest of the Triforce of Courage on the back of his hand begins to glow, and he is transformed into a beast. When he regains his human form, he finds himself wearing the green garb of the Hero.

The spirit of Link’s ancestor, the Hero of Time, teaches him his secrets. Ever since returning to the Child Era, the swordsman has lamented the fact that he was not remembered as a hero. This is the reason he passes down the proof of his courage and his secret techniques the the Link of this era, addressing him as “son.”