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  • Those who carry the blood of Hylia are called “Hylians” and hold mysterious power.
  • The world Hylia protected became known as “Hyrule”.
  • Rauru constructed the Temple of Time around the only entrance to the Sacred Realm and sealed it and himself away with the Master Sword and 3 Spiritual Stones as locks.
  • Rauru was isolated from the world in order to protect the Triforce, hence greeting Link as an adult in OoT.

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Many Years Later
– – – – – –

3人の女神が創り、女神ハイリアに守られたこの世界は、やがてハイラルと呼ばれようになる。女神ハイリアを ルーツとする人々はハイリア人と呼ばれ、神秘的な力を持った。


FSGod’s Country: Hyrule
The 3 goddesses created this world that goddess Hylia protected, which would later become known as Hyrule. The people who have roots in the goddess hylia became known as Hylians, of whom have mystical powers.

Over the long peace that followed, with the times came a wave of chaos.

SKHyrule, Kingdom of the Gods
The world that the 3 goddesses created and that the goddess, Hylia protected became known as Hyrule. Those who share the roots of Goddess Hylia were known as Hylians and they held mysterious power.

Peace continued through the land for a long time, but with a new era, a wave of chaos descended upon the land.

DHThe Kingdom of Hyrule
Created by the Golden Goddesses and protected by the goddess Hylia, the world eventually became known as Hyrule. The Hylians, descendents of Hylia, lived in Hyrule and possessed magical abilities.

After years of peace, a wave of chaos once again engulfed the land.

Era of Chaos
Ocarina of Time

万能の力の伝承は人々の欲望へのをかきたて、トライフォースをめぐる争いが絶えず起こるように なる。

光の賢者ラウルは、トライフォースのある聖地への唯一の入口として、時の神殿を造った。時を超える力ととも に、聖地をマスターソードで封印。マスターソードの台座は時の扉で閉さし、3つの精霊石をその扉を開く錠と して、ぞれぞれを信頼のおける森の民、火の民、水の民に守らせた。

トライフォースは光の神殿に安置され、ラウルは現地隔離された聖地で、神の力を守り続けること になる。

FSThe Battle for the Holy Land
The tradition of universal power had quickened the desire of the people, and there became a constant competition for the Triforce.

The sage of light, Rauru, built the Temple of Time at the only enterance to the Holy Land which holds the Triforce. With a force stronger than time, he sealed the Holy Land along with the Master Sword. The pedestal of the Master Sword lay behind the closed door of time. 3 Stones act as a lock and open the door, each in the trust of the people of the forest, the people of fire, and the people of the water; all of whom protect each.

The Triforce was enshrined in the Temple of Light, Rauru’s locally isolated sacred place, and keeps the power of the gods.

SKThe Battle for the Sacred Realm
The almighty power of folklore was lusted over by many, many people and there was a never ending struggle over the Triforce.
The Sage of Light, Rauru, constructed the Temple of Time around the only entrance to the Sacred Realm which housed the Triforce. The Sacred Realm was sealed with the Master Sword, along with the ability to pass through time. The Master Sword’s pedestal was closed off behind the Door of Time and three sacred stones acted as keys, which were guarded by the trusted people of the forest, the people of water, and the people of fire.

The Triforce was enshrined in the Temple of Light and Rauru was isolated from the world inside the Sacred Realm to continue to protect the power of the gods.

DHBattle for the Sacred Realm
The legend of a supreme power spread throughout the land, whetting the appetites of those who would possess the Triforce and inciting vicious battles between them.

Rauru, the Sage of Light, constructed the Temple of Time, which contained the only existing entrance to the Sacred Realm, where the Triforce was located. With power stronger than both time and the Master Sword, Rauru sealed the Sacred Realm. The pedestal holding the Master Sword was closed behind the Door of Time, and the keys to opening the door (the Spiritual Stones of forest, fire, and water) were protected by their respective people.

The Triforce was placed in the Temple of Light, located in the Sacred Realm, which was now isolated from Hyrule. Protecting the Triforce in the Temple of Light, Rauru became the guardian of the power of the gods.

Right Column

FSTemple of Time
The only entrance to the Temple of Light in the Sacred Realm. Though it bears the same name as the temple that stood in the desert in ancient times, the Temple of Time constructed by Rauru is thought to be located where the Sealed Temple once stood.

Royal Family’s Crest
Because Goddess Hylia’s crest was in the shape of a bird, and people once rode giant birds in Skyloft, the Royal Family’s crest is a combination of the Triforce and a bird.

DHTemple of Time
The only entrance to the Sacred Realm’s Temple of Light, the Temple of Time shares the same name as the temple in the Lanayru Desert of the Era of The Goddess Hylia. It is thought that Rauru built the Temple of Time directly over the ruins of the Sealed Temple.

Crest of the Royal Family
The goddess Hylia had a birdlike crest, and the people of Skyloft rode giant birds. The crest of the royal family incorporates the historically important bird, as well as the three triangles of the Triforce.


Era of Prosperity – – – – – –

女神ハイリアの生まれ変わりであるゼルダの血を引く者が、ハイラル王国を建国。時の神殿があるハイラルの中 心地に城を構え、聖地とトライフォースを密はい守る。

王家には、を血濃く受け継いだ特別な力を持つ者が多く生まれ、王女には、歴史上の伝説から名をとってしばし ばゼルダと名づけらるようになった。

FSFounding of the Hyrule Kingdom
By recieving the blood of the goddess Hylia, Zelda became a reincarnation of her, and founded the Hyrule Kingdom. The Temple of Time was held in the heartland of Hyrule with a castle near so the Holy Land and the Triforce were protected.

As for the royal, many who inheirited royal blood were born with special powers, and as for the princess, the name Zelda is often filled by [the princess] from which is the legendary history.

SKHyrule Kingdom’s Establishment
Those who inherited the blood of the goddess, Hylia, who was reborn into Zelda, established Hyrule. They built a castle in the center of Hyrule, where the Temple of Time rested and watched over the Sacred Realm and the Triforce.

In the Royal Family, many people were born with a special power that existed deep within the bloodline and the queen would often be named Zelda after the historical legend.

DHThe Establishment of Hyrule Kingdom
The descendents of the goddess Hylia, who was reincarnated as Princess Zelda, established the kingdom of Hyrule and became Hyrule’s royal family. In order to protect the Triforce, Hyrule Castle was built in the center of Hyrule, where the Temple of Time was located. The royal family watched over the Triforce, keeping its existence unknown to others.

Many members of the royal family were born with special powers because of the lineage that connected them to the goddess. Princesses were repeatedly given the name Zelda, a name that came from the historical legends.

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