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  • The “force” that fills the Goddess Sword has the same description as the “force” mentioned in The Minish Cap. (see page 078)
  • Zelda had intended to go to the Temple of Time to go to ancient times, but was ambushed by Ghirahim.
  • The perfected Goddess Sword is called the Master Sword.
  • By praying at the springs, Zelda regained her memories as the Goddess.
Sky Era Skyward Sword

Left Column:

Zelda Goes to the Past as a Goddess
Zelda offered a prayer in two springs and recovered her old memories. In order to strengthen Demise’s seal, she headed to the Temple of Time in the desert so she could go to ancient times. However, she was found by Ghirahim, who was after her.

It was Link who saved the day. While he held Ghirahim up, Zelda and Impa went to the past through the gate of time and destroyed it so Ghirahim wouldn’t follow them.

The Trials to Become a True Hero
There was another gate of time in the Sealed Temple, but it was not working.

Link and his friend Groose prevented Demise from breaking his seal. Link completed the trials of the gods and tempered his sword with the three flames of the goddesses. The Goddess Sword, filled with the great power of the “force,” was perfected and it turned into the Master Sword. With a skyward strike of that sword, the gate of time recovered its power to cross time.

Several Thousand Years Ago Skyward Sword

An Encounter and a Parting in the Past
Zelda and Impa arrived at the Sealed Grounds and met again with Link, who followed them to the past. Zelda informed Link of the situation and in order to strengthen the seal, put herself to sleep inside the temple.

The surface remained stable and Skyloft prospered in the sky. Like that, several thousand years passed.

Right Column:

The Two Springs
Skyview Spring and the Earth Spring. By purifying her body and offering a prayer to the goddess statue in these two springs, Zelda recovered the memories of the goddess Hylia.

A Skyloftian who came down to the surface looking for Zelda.

A great power that the ancient gods gave to the world. It’s the source of life force of all beings.

The energy that accumulates in the Goddess Sword when holding it upwards. After it turned into the Master Sword, it was able to accumulate even more force and it shone with a strong light.
[ Source: Patas @ Zelda Informers ]

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