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  • Demise arose from the “depths of the earth” and is the embodiment of evil. Its appearance changes with each era and to each person who sees it.
  • The Triforce cannot be used by a god, so Hylia decided to be reborn as a human.
  • Hylia instructed Impa and the Sheikah to watch over Demise’s seal until her reincarnation returned.
  • Other races such as Gorons are considered “sub-humans”.
  • The Sealed Grounds, Sealed Temple, and Skyloft and the Temple of Hylia were all part of Hylia’s Realm at the center of the world.

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Era of the Goddess Hylia Skyward Sword

Goddess Hylia and the Battle Against Evil
As time passed by, the Era of the Goddess Hylia begun. Suddenly, a great evil arose from the depths of earth and tried to claim the Triforce. This evil was the fearsome demon tribe and its leader Demise, and they wanted the ultimate power of the Triforce to control the world.

To protect the Triforce from falling into the hands of the demon tribe, she sent it skyward to the heavens on a piece of land along with the surviving humans. Then, to isolate sky and earth, she sealed the surface under a barrier of clouds.

The Goddess, who remained on the ground with the remaining tribes, fought for her life and finally managed to seal away Demise.

DHThe Goddess Hylia and the Ancient Battle
During the era of the goddess Hylia, many demons arose in pursuit of the Triforce. The leader, Demise, the Demon King, tried to take over the world with his evil powers.

After a battle against the demonic forces, Hylia gathered the humans who had survived, along with the Triforce, onto a plot of land and sent it into the sky. She positioned a heavy barrier of clouds between the island in the sky and the land below to protect the humans and the Triforce.

The goddess and the remaining tribed on the surface battled for their lives against Demise. They were victorious, and they sealed him away

The Goddess’ Sealing of the Surface
The world had been saved from the brink of destruction, but it was clear that the seal wouldn’t be able to last forever. Hylia decided to use the power of the Triforce to exterminate Demise once and for all.

However, the Triforce’s power could never be used by a God. Thus, Hylia abandoned her divinity and chose to be reborn as a human.

She instructed a Sheikah named Impa to watch over the seal until the day that her incarnation would return.

DHSealed in the Land of the Goddess
The land was saved, but the seal that kept the Demon King imprisoned was weak. In an attempt to destroy Demise, the goddess Hylia tried to use the power of the Triforce. However, a goddess cannot wield its power. Thus, the goddess Hylia decided to renounce her divinity and be reborn as a human.

With Hylia’s passing, Impa of the Sheikah tribe was entrusted with watching over the sealed prison of the Demon King until she returned.

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The source of all monsters, powerful enough to destroy the entire world. Demise is the embodiment of evil and it is said that its appearance changes with each era and to each person who observes it. Its goal is to claim the Triforce let its demonic hordes take control over the surface world.

It is said that Demise, the most evil of all evil, who commands enough power to destroy the world, appears in each era and looks different to each person who sees him. His ultimate goal is to obtain the Triforce and take over the land with his demonic minions.

The Sub-Humans
Non-human species, such as the Goron tribe.

DHThe Surface Tribes
Nonhuman tribes, such as the stone-eating Goron.

The Cloud Barrier
Thick clouds separating heaven and earth. Its purpose is to seal away the surface and prevent people from going there.

DHThe Cloud Barrier
The thick, vast expanse of clouds placed between the sky and the land, sealing them away from each other. No one is allowed to pass from one place to the other.

The Sheikah Tribe
The Servants of Goddess Hylia. Light-footed people assigned to keep an eye on the Hylia’s seal for future generations.

DHThe Sheikah Tribe
One of the tribes that serves the goddess Hylia. They are blithe individuals chosen by the goddess to watch over the sealed Demon King. This role is passed on from one generation to the next.



Hylia’s Realm
The Temple of Hylia lies in the center of the world. Hylia cut out a piece of this land and sent it skyward with the surviving humans. Since Demise lies imprisoned here, the area later came to be known as the Sealed Grounds and the Sealed Temple.

DHThe Land of Hylia
The center of the world, where the Temple of Hylia was built. This is where the goddess Hylia gathered the surviving humands onto a plot of land and sent them into the sky. It is here, also, where the Demon King was sealed away, which is why the land became known as the Sealed Grounds and the Temple of Hylia as the Sealed Temple.

[ Source: SnowBrigadier @ Zelda Informer ]

Webmasters Notes:
  • The main difference is that DarkHorse's translation mentions that Hylia actually attempted to use the Triforce before giving up her goddess status whereas the Japanese version implies that she made the decision to become human because she already knew she couldn't use the Triforce.
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